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Cultivating the Wild:
Gardening with Native Plants of British Columbia's         
Southern Interior and Eastern Washington
                       by Eva Durance
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Many of our beautiful and uniquely
adapted native plants are lovely in
gardens, but are not widely grown.
Cultivating the Wild aims to change
this situation.

This is the first comprehensive
guide to gardening with native
plants of the dry Interior, with
species’ descriptions, where to
purchase then, how to grow them
alone or with non-native plants, and
basic design ideas.  Or read it
simply for the enjoyment of learning
about the plants that shape our
Interior ecosystems.

Eva Durance is a life-long gardener
and naturalist with a special
interest in plants, and owned and
operated a native plant nursery for
six years.  She is a Landscape
Designer specializing in public and
private xeriscapes which
incorporate native plants.   

Available in bookstores and Interior
nurseries or
contact Eva directly.
Eva Durance knows in
detail what the rest of the
world is just now waking up
to: the elegance and beauty
of our own native flora.  
This book is a significant
addition to the native plant
and xeriscaping canon.  It is
my fervent hope that
increased use or our native
plants in a gardening
context will lead us to
increased stewardship of
those same native plants in
the wild.

Don Gayton, ecologist and
Eva Durance's extensive knowledge of
native plants, nature, and gardening in the
region are evident throughout this valuable
resource.  The book has a great selection of
garden worthy natives, each with good
photographs and an excellent description
including cultural requirements as well as
some suggestions for landscape uses and
companion plants.  This will take a lot of the
guesswork out of how to garden successfully
with the wonderful native plants of our
.”  Gwen Steele, Okanagan natural
gardening educator.
ISBN 978-0-9780088-3-3
Published by Nature Guides BC
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Can/ $20.95 US.
Soft cover; 6.5"  x 10"
104 pages; 114 illustrations