A Nature Guide to Boundary Bay
What the reviewers say:

"A Nature Guide to Boundary Bay is one of those rare local guides that
informs you about the broader world as well as your own backyard.
Everyone in southwestern British Columbia should have this book on
 - writer & naturalist, Richard Cannings
"Anne Murray ... has figured out a way to bring the beauty and wonder
of the nature of Delta's Boundary Bay to people's homes"
- Dawn
Hanna, in BC Nature

"If you don't love Boundary Bay now, you just might after reading
Anne Murray's new book"
Chris Bryan - Black Press

"A delightful and interesting book .....One of the best features of this
book, which also makes it so attractive, is the wide variety in the 176
colour photographs that were specifically taken for the book by Dr.
David Blevins.... a delightful and interesting book which I would
recommend to all."
Lloyd Esralson, review in British Columbia Birds,
journal of the BC Field Ornithologists.

"Congratulations to you and David Blevins on a fine accomplishment."
~ Jack Christie - columnist with the Georgia Strait

"I wish we'd had [this book] when we studied  natural history  70
years ago"
- Edgar Dunning, Delta Optimist

"The author’s fondness for her subject is shown most clearly in her
writing, which is very accessible, even to those lacking expertise in
natural history.....What makes this book a very handsome addition to
one's library, is the photography of David Blevins, who has an
inventive eye for grand vistas, tiny subjects and everything in
between. Were you to move away from this part of the world you
would want the collection of images in this book to remind you of your
favourite former stomping grounds and natural moments"
Griffith in Menziesia, Native Plant Society of British Columbia, Feb. 2007


".... a valuable guide to a biologically rich and unique region of B.C....." -
Discovery, the journal of Nature Vancouver  (Nature Vancouver)
Nature Guides B.C.
Tracing Our Past ~ A Heritage Guide to Boundary Bay

What the reviewers say:

"Tracing Our Past: A Heritage Guide to Boundary Bay is an outstanding
collaboration by historian Anne Murray of Tsawwassen and
photographer David Blevins. Their beautifully produced book explores
the evolution of a "remarkable landscape and the people who
transformed it".......
[It is] a cogent exploration of what came before and a cautionary guide
to what is yet to be. This important book, graced with a fine collection of
photographs is historically rich, anthropologically accurate and
environmentally responsible. Put simply, it is a love song to the land we
are privileged to call home."
~ Margot Griffiths in All Point Bulletin, June 2008

"This book should be in everyone's library. It provides the impetus for us
to know and value this historic, important and unique region."
~ Andy Buhler, BC Nature, Spring 2009

"Anne Murray's latest book takes a historical look at the effect humans
have had on the Boundary Bay area"
~ Philip Raphael, South Delta Leader

"This is a fascinating, well-researched book that covers archaeology,
historical accounts, biology and more to give a sweeping overview of
how the area came to be how it is today, with a look forward to
conservation efforts and the potential impacts of proposed
~ Carolyn Cooke - Surrey Now Newspaper, July 1st 2008

"Well-researched, well written, and intelligently presented, a beautifully
illustrated local history not to be missed by anyone with an interest in
how this area got to be the way it is"
 ~ Historian and author, Derek Hayes

"Well organized, attractively presented and an easy read..." ~ Jack
Brown, Surrey historian
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