Nature Guides B.C.
Nature Guides B.C.
Anne Murray column in Georgia  - Archives 2009 - 2013

September Public must be watchdogs for Fraser River estuary

August 10 ways to come alive in nature

July  The creation of the Delta Farmland and Wildlife Trust

May  Moby Doll remembered

April  Death and dandelions: are cosmetic pesticides worth the risk?

March Fresh water is B.C.’s greatest resource

February  A dark cloud hangs over South Delta

January  Is Enbridge pipeline a threat to important marine birds


November  Ramsar designation for Delta better late than never

September What to eat: a consuming problem

August   New technology is rapidly changing the way birds are studied

July    Bad and good news for Canada’s birds

May 31 International cooperation is key to protecting Pacific Flyway migration

May 8 Agricultural land faces accelerating threats in Delta

March/April  Gagging environmentalists is poor policy

February  Is there any hope for the Spotted Owl - B.C.'s most endangered bird?

January Snowy owls show importance of being prepared for recreational conflicts in
Metro Vancouver


December  12 Days of Christmas, in BC's lower mainland

November  Billion Dollar Boondoggle - Port infrastructure upgrades need accountability

September The truth about B.C. sockeye salmon—will it be found?

August Victory against invasive Spartina will come at a price

July  Summer in B.C. Parks - who is paying

May/June Controlling your cat helps keep birds singing

April/May  Witness the amazing spring migration of sandpipers

February - March Return it to the ALR? Delta's Southlands controversy continues

January  Birds or planes? Dilemma at Boundary Bay airport


December  Which potential leaders will stand up for the environment in BC?"

November  "Putting a value on nature's services"

October   "Glenrose Cannery no place for South Fraser highway"

September " How much do we really know about nature?"

August  "Farmland loss remains critical issue in BC's lower mainland"

July  "Nature must matter, even to business"

June "In Colony Farm park, habitat compensation risks disrupting wildlife"

May: "Taking a long look at wildlife in our changing landscape"

April  "Fraser River estuary - under-appreciated hot spot"

March  " A tale of two fish"

February  "Olympic visitors should experience British Columbia's wildlife"

January    "Ten ways you can help biodiversity"


Canaries of Climate Change

Southlands plans recall historic fight for farmland in South Delta

The dodo, the cuckoo, and the orca: Why extinction matters

Islands of habitat are doomed by South Fraser Perimeter Road

Paving paradise to put up the South Fraser Perimeter Road

Naikun offshore wind farm presents environmental dilemma

Will our grandchildren watch birds?

What we risk when oil spills on BC's coast

Anne Murray's nature column runs monthly in the South Delta Leader,  the Surrey-North Delta
Leader and the Peace Arch News. Previous columns are available by request from this website
(the newspapers do not archive them on line)

August Delta's significant sloughs
June-July The Lazuli Bunting sings the blues (also published as Wildlife's Rainbow)
April - May Spring on Boundary Bay
March Watching wildlife is good for the soul
February Natural Heritage
January  Planning a bird friendly garden

December  Seasonal Census (Christmas Bird Count)
October Change of Season
September  Ducks are congregating